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Mortgage Interest Rate Options:

Interest rates on a home loan can vary based on the duration of the loan, whether it is fixed or variable, financial market conditions and changes in the Federal Reserve’s rate policy, treasury bond yeilds and even the credit score of the customer.

We offer among the broadest loan packages in the industry and will tailor the right loan for your specific needs. Check out some of our most popular loans.  Loan Options  |  30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage  |  ARM  | FHA  | VA  | USDA  | Reverse Mortgages  

Mortgage Loan Interest Rates and APRs 

The stated interest rate is the starting point for the long-term cost of the loan. The APR is the ending point. The APR contains all the costs associated with securing the loan. This is the measure to use when comparing alternatives.

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Mortgage Loans Colorado: Amax Mortgage Brokers shop your loan scenario to all sources of lending institutiuons, enabling them to offer the best program options, rates and terms when compared to Traditions Banks that only offer their own programs, rates and terms. | ‪Apply Online - Prequal - Loan Scenario - Been turned down? Call Todd Rubick of Amax Lending and tell him why the bank said no... If your tax returns do not show your true income, or credit is less than perfect... Full service all source lending strategies will be offered for those that need them.